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[Refund Request]willhayes79+pepelord420

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Your Name: willhayes79 (both me and my partner lost stuff so i'l just write 2x as thats what we built)
Item Name + Amount: QuantumSuit Helmet (4174:1) x2 ,

QuantumSuit Bodyarmour (4175:1) x2

,QuantumSuit Leggings (4176:1) x2 ,

QuantumSuit Boots (4177:1) x2,

Molecular Transformer (227) x 1,

Pure Certus Crystals (4362:10) x 64 ,

Pure Fluix Crystals (4362:12) x16 
Coordinates (format x, y, z): -3012, 79, 2098
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Didn't die, server died
Description of Issue: Server issue caused rollback, I spent at least 3 hours creating these things and another 2 hours testing and playing around with them. This is the latter of what I am missing however its the most important stuff
Screenshots (Optional): 

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