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[Command Request]ItsBattlepro_

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Account Name: 
Requested Commands: worldedit, godmode, /kitlist if there are any kits,
Reason for Request: cus building is way easyer with this also i can select a big area and only delete 1 block type, and i can fix ugly water if i break the side of a lake.

and godmode cus i like to have it on when going nether. and well kitlist so i can see kits

also for some reason i cant do colors in chat (this may be a plugin bug idk)

first 2 already got kinda approved on my rank transfer but i didnt get the perms so yea lets do it the official way :D

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Worldedit and /god perms added and confirmed to be working. Make sure to use worldedit on small areas to avoid causing too much lag. Everything you do with worldedit is logged and any abuse will result in the removal of your commands and the option to request any new commands.

Note that /god only protects you from vanilla mechanics.



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