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My Base got reset


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So ive been playing on the infinity evolved server for over a week now. And i was playing normally on Sunday the 11th. On that day i played like 10 hours bc i wanted to make some progress.

But when i came back the next day and logged in all the progress i made from like 2 days was gone. Like someone took my claim and traveld back in time XD. Im rlly frustrated bc of that bc i played over 10 h just to archiev what i did. Just for the record i know that i got reset to 2 days ago bc back then i had a steves cart wood farm and i replayed it with a minefactory reloaded planter and harvester system. And i built mutiple solar panes from both thermal expansion and ender io. And all that was gone. MY inevntory was the same but my claim got reset or set back to 2 days ago. I would rlly appreciate if someone could helpp me and get my progress back like it was.

Sry if my spelling is off im German XD.


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[Town Rollback Request]Gudwud

Your Name:Gudwud

Town Name:Gudwud 
Coordinates: x:-3895 z:-1563 y:73
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): November 12th 02:00 CET
Description of Issue:

I think there was a random rollback of my town idk anyway my progress from Sunday was gone was gone.

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ok didnt help either the rollback didnt work or idk. NAyway can i have 4 advanced photovoltaic, 1 photovoltaic cell, 1 Redstone Solar Panel,1 Planter, 1 Harvester, about 40 readstone fluxducts, 40 itemducts thats it. I hope i can get that refund XD bc im kinda frustated cause it took so long to farm for that.

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