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[Refund Request] Hempic420


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Name: Hempic420
Items + Amounts: 2 Advanced plating, 3 HV capacitors, 2 ion thrusters, 4 servo motors, 2 solonoids, 3 diamonds, 1 control circuit, 1 oxygen gear, 1 Tier 1 rocket. 
Coordinates:  around X +4314, Y -2876, Z 6
Description of Issue: Died at bottom of waterlogged quarry hole, upon /returning I was spawned in a nearby air pocket but only managed to retrieve a few items, things lost included half a set of power armor that I had *just* made and upgraded extensively. The rest of my stuff despawned upon looking away to get more air. The items I am requesting for refund are what I can remember I lost or (in the case of the power armor components) what I'll need to re-equip the new pieces of power armor I've made to have the modules I believe they had before. 

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