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Direwolf20 1.7.10 issues


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The 1.7.10 server seems to be having some serious issues - Tinkers Construct smeltery takes nearly a full minute to pour a single ingot, Around 12:15ish am pacific time 12/30/18 the server lava supply shut off, and the enderIO alloy smelter in my base shut off after running for only 5 or 6 cycles. Added an octadic capacitor, it wouldnt start (redstone signal set to "always on"), broke the block and replaced it and it ran 5 or 6 cycles and shut off. All other machines seem to be glitchy as well (lava generators and enderIO grinder (cant recall the actual block name). I was getting significant bounce-back lag a few days ago but tonight its mostly just the low level constant lag I normally get so at a loss.


In addition, 3 of the vote links are broken- i dont know where to notify you of that issue so I will just toss it in here.


No clue as to causes, but there are multiple abandoned claims on the server and that could possibly be complicating the issue. This instance is only a year old, but a server wipe from orbit may be the only way to be sure.


Ign is Shadowdragonne as well.


Thank you for your support


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Hi shadow thank you for making us aware of these issues the dedicated server that hosts the direwolf 1.7 modpack has just been looked and a root cause was located if you want to know more please visit our discord 


all these issue that have arisen with you might have been solved when the server went under maintance


thank you for your support

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