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[Command Request] Ness27


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Account Name: Ness27
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: 

1. /god

2. /top

3. /thru

4. Removal of teleportation timer & time in-between teleportation

5. /enchant

Reason for Request*: 

1. Would like to have god mode in certain situations plus it'd be nice to have since I don't really wear armor at this point anymore.

2. Would like to be able to teleport directly to the top surface when I am underground or under buildings etc.

3. Would like to move through walls and blocks... if I ever lose my compass.. :)

4. I would appreciate not having to wait 2-3 seconds to teleport to homes, spawn, other players, etc. I understand the possible aspect of abuse with this, I have no intentions for that. I request no timer between teleportation because sometimes I mess up and use the wrong command then need to wait another 3 or so seconds before actually typing the correct command. 

5. Think it would be fun to mess around with and not having to spawn in the required materials. Will not abuse and I understand it falls under "Creatively Influenced"

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Added essentials.top, essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass and essentials.teleport.timer.bypass.


/thru comes with world edit which you already have so no need to add that.


I don't believe we give /enchant to players anymore (even the staff don't have it). Same go with god (in my opinion). If this is false then they will be added in the future.

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