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[Refund request] TzadO


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Your Name:  TzadO
Item Name + Amount: 1 watering can, 1 hardened jetpack
Coordinates:  X:-4652 Z:-4060 Y:91
Description of Issue: It must have not been my lucky day, 2 accidents in a row.  I teleported home (as usual) after I had an issue with my enderquarry in the mining world (see other post) and instantly died. My grave was there but without my knapsack wich I used as toolbag. I will remake most items myself, they're not that important: saw, chisel, bucket etc. The hammer and excavator with all the modifiers I doubt you guys can create that, so I'll remake those myself again too. I don't understand why this happened, I reset my home for now, hope it doesnt happen again.

Screenshots (Optional): 

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