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Crash when i go afk in mining dimension (aroma)

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11 hours ago, Dcwy62 said:

Hey, are you still having this problem with login? If so, I'll teleport you back to spawn and leave your in-game name. Thank you.

ty, but i'm not stuck or bugged. The bug happen after some minutes when i go in mining dimension. I can rejoin the server and play, but about 2-3 minutes the same error kick me out.

I redownloaded the pack, no resourcepack/shader (from twitch app)


Cord where i have portal (and builder for quarring resources) x: -488 y: 78 (4) z: -1518

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Hey Carpenter,


Revelations is having the same problem since the 2.6 Update.


The meta type 14 Entitymap Bug only happens at night, to be precise between 0 - 3 am (Mc Server Time), as far as we know, the worlds that are affected are the Overworld, the Mining Dimension and the Twilight Forest.


The work around we are using currently using is that the Servertime for the Overworld is not changing, it's set to 12 am.

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