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Applications for Staff Question


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Disclaimer:  I am not in any way asking to become a staff member or applying to be one through this post.


I have seen recently that applications to become a staff member have ended on January 12th for select servers. My question is, how often do these application processes pop-up? Are these forum application threads advertised bi-yearly? Quarterly? To put generically, how often do head staff deem more members are necessary? I am wondering this to be aware for the next time it opens up.


Thank you for your time,



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Every now and then :P


We cycle thru sponge, network and bukkit, and each application takes about a month in total. The open period, the under review period, and the period after the application is done before I open another one. I don’t like chaining applications together and always have one open for a set of servers- mostly because we don’t need it, but also because if they are ”always” open i think players will easily overlook them too. If there is only ”one state” of applications, compared to if now when there’s a second state which is this kind of ”inbetween period”

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