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[Refund Request] Varijon


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Your Name: Varijon
Item Name + Amount:

Terra Shatterer S Rank (30%)

Coordinates (format x, y, z):  -3921 189 4563
Description of Issue:

Carefully had been filling the pickaxe with mana, got to about 30%, but it got deleted from the mana pool during lower server TPS.

This pickaxe normally cannot despawn, hopefully it's possible to somehow refund.

Will wait for quiet times to charge it and continue screenshotting progress.
Screenshots (Optional):

Last screenshot of tooltip 

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I did mess around a bit in singleplayer and found the nbt it wants:

/give @p botania:terrapick 1 0 {mana:300000000}


But I heard not all staff has access to /give, bit of a problematic refund.

I calculated it would take roughly 30 minutes to do with a creative pool and 4 bellows, also not a very friendly option.

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