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new type chunk loader


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I have been playing on this server for 2-3 weeks now and i have figured out that here is no working chunkloader. On a Po2 (project ozon) server i plaied on before thay had put in a premium thingy. Exemple if i was VIP i would have acsess to 10 offline and 3online chunkloaders but here is what im thinking of. If you try code a plugin or something to continuum you can try do like iron blocks can be turn into a online chunk loader with a blaze rod (or another item) and maybe i diamond block can be offline chunk loader. You use the same thingy for activate the ofline on like the online one. When you`re in it you can choose how many chunys you want it to load but it cant load more then you ahve perms to jsut saying.


i hope this is something that can happend in the future -marcus

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The modpack already has its own chunkloader which is a work in progress, the thing with offline/online chunkloaders is that COntinuum being a very automation based modpack we can't really give out chunkloaders like they're water, they'd lag up the server massively. Hopefully in the future the Tech Reborn chunkloader is finished and you could use it to chunkload your stuff.

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