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[Refund Request] BlackDeath220

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Name: BlackDeath220


  • 1 Diamond Pickaxe (278)
  • 1 Manyullyn Shortbow
    • Flame string
    • 200 redstone modifier
    • moss modifier
  • Manyullyn Arrows
    • Manyullyn Arrow Head
    • Blaze Rod Arrow Shaft
    • Slime Fletchings
    • Moss modifier
    • 98 or 144 quartz modifier (i don't remember exactly)
  • Iron Sword (267)


My House coords (has portal): 1530, 64, 1000


Morphed into a tiny bird (has half a heart of health)

Went into twilight forest portal

Died of hunger, one shot since the Tiny Bird only has half a heart

Couldn't find stuff in twilight forest or overworld after

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