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Player glitched

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IGN - Voodooshrimp123

Skyfactory 2.5

Basically, I was opening lucky blocks and I got one of those questions where it asks you to answer within 45 seconds or you die, I teleported to spawn, and it got me, but i didn't die, now i'm perpetually dead and undead, unable to die, unable to live. 
/suicide doesn't work, drowning doesn't work, sitting in lava doesn't work, throwing myself into the void doesn't work.

having a player attack me mercilessly in the pvp arena with endgame weapons while i'm unarmoured doesn't work.. 
I'm at a bit of a loss here, please could someone help? 

Kind regards


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Voodoo you should make yourself clone, i made machines for that when you posted this on your island. It has been long time you did not reply to that. It was very close to date you made your post. You can try to make your clone when you login (in a room above your controler)- or start new thread - this one is gonna be closed for inactivity.



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