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[Island Rollback Request]mkden

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Your Name: mkden
Island Owner Name: mkden
Coordiantes: -1780,66,-3320
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 01/02/19 8:36am GMT (about 2 hours before this post)
Description of Issue: Refined storage disks deleted from disk drive after server restart to update configs
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hello @mkden,


The file closest to your specified time was 9am, the one before was 12am. The 12 am file did not have your RS system and therefore I rollbacked the drive storage to the 9am one. This however did not have the items.


If you provide information on roughly where your previous storage was then I could possibly retrieve that, I would do the entire island would I don't wish to remove your current setups.


If the disks didn't have anything in them then a simple refund would suffice; this is also possible if you remember what items were in the disks. 

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