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Looking to sell my mountainside base

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I'm thinking of moving out of my base but need some money, looking for $3k minimum, I'll be taking out most of the machines and wiring but leaving it clean and tidy so it'll be easy to move in, plenty of room for expansion and there's maintenance shafts running throughout making it easy to wire up.

Reply if you want to buy it, we'll set a time, you transfer me the money at the time then I'll un-claim the area, this post and money logs will secure the whole thingScreenshot_13.png.8a57dd38401e3c8bdb09b8c52f4903d6.png

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Have been inactive the last couple of days can't find you on discord, anyone else let me know if you want it and I'll post on here if someones bought it, currently building in a new town with trust permissions so will be available for a while.

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