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Time restart the server from scratch?


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Server seems to be a lag fest even right after a reboot. Had a friend join the server and it took them over an hour of random spawns to find a place to stat a town where ther ewas more then a few plots between towns . I am asking as I am planning a mega build abd dont want to start and a week from now server gets restarted. As a note in the past hour the server has been restarted once and crashed 3 times.

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The crash that you are referring to was the result of me and not the server, the result being all my progress getting regenerated back to the previous save..

just to let you know, As a second claim I think that to preserve the server a little longer there could be a list made of inactive towns and re gen them. But i don't see why a wipe is necessary for not enough space. I believe there are many applicable alternatives to be made in the place of a wipe.

Some suggestions.

#1. Start making announcements on a daily basis on the server, discord, and fourms that if you want to preserve your town you need to submit it to a list(maybe a fourm post or something) Then at the end of the month all towns not on the list could be wiped

#2 Take a few days to re gen every town not active, 

As i always state

If I miss analyze a situation I am very sorry I can only delegate so much time to making a short clear cut post. 


EDIT I forgot to state, speaking directly to Duc_Lucius If you need help finding large areas I know of so many just dm On Discord Swimsam1#5622

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