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Request assistance of an admin, my base keeps crashing the server


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Your Name:  Lightnessxp
Coordiantes: (use format xyz: -3219 64 -433)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(25/03/2019 - at 21:00 CET everything was fine, at 21:40 I crashed the server after server restart followed by a relogin)

Description of Issue: Hi, it seems that my base is a source of evil for the server, I can play fine for hours but at some point after a server restart when I relogin my client crashes it on impact (and with it the entire server). When that happens also other people cannot get near my base in some instances, they get stuck too in my corrupted base. What's strange is that most of the time when I reconnect hours later (e.g. in the morning) all is well again and the issue fixed itself (somehow). I don't know what is causing the crashes, I'd wanted to ask if an admin could please take a look at my base to see if he/she might find the root of the problem, so I can fix it, I (and I guess everyone else I bother with the crashes) would very much appreciate it.

Otherwise I will try to transfer my base to a new location and hopes that a new setup will somehow fix the issue. 

Thank you very much in advance!

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I'm gonna be checking your base to see if I can pinpoint the stuff causing the crash, if I cannot pinpoint it and it still crashes I suggest you make a refund request for the stuff you'll be losing in case you can't come back or if we have to delete the base.


Meanwhile be patient and relax while we try to work this out :)

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Thank you! 

Maybe it helps: I only had the issue (whenever it happened, it was not always the case under these circumstances) when the server restarted and I didn't manage to logoff in time before that happened. So I think something isn't unloading correctly at my base when the server restarts and my chunks are still loaded and then it gets stuck.

Or maybe my minecraft client causes the issue somehow breaking something on the server. I use the classic FTP Launcher, I don't know if that's relevant so I'll just mention it.


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