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[Claim Rollback Request] Lightnessxp

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Your Name:  Lightnessxp
Coordiantes: (use format xyz: -3219 64 -433)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 31/3/2019 - 22:00 CET I logged off normally, today 1/4/2019 - 18:30 CET the game crashed once I teleported to my base
Description of Issue: It happened again, I logged out, all was well (since the last time I always logout somewhere else, away from my base, in the hopes that I avoid just what happened), and when I logged in today - all was still well, because I was not in my main base - and once I teleported to my base, the server crashed (in addition to my client).

If you could make the rollback to a version of earlier today, that would be appreciated. I'll try to move my base to a different location in a different setup once it is done. Hopefully, this will solve this issue, whatever the cause is. 😞

In any case: Thank you again for your assistance! 
Screenshots (Optional): 

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