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[Command Request] DraconicWerewolf

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Account Name: DraconicWerewolf
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands: WorldEdit (//wand, //replace, etc.), /enchant (For up to V level enchantments, to avoid acquiring Super OP enchantments), NEI Weather and Items, as listed in the Sponsor perks.
Reason for Request: WorldEdit for easier building of large structures, and clearing out large areas, /enchant to enchant my Bound Armour (I still take a fair amount of damage through it, so I wish to add Protection V and other such enchantments to upgrade it,) NEI Weather and Items because those are listed as some of the perks as Sponsor.

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Enchant added and WorldEdit added please do not use WorldEdit on large areas in one go. (To Prevent Lag.)

Also note all usage is logged, any abuse of WorldEdit will result in removal and further command requests will be denied.

The nei is automatically done i believe, if this still hasn't been added within 24 hours let me know.

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