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[Refund Request]bosschicow


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Your Name: bosschicow
Item Name + Amount: 16 vote keys + daily rewards
Coordinates (format x, y, z):  x 213 y93 z-590 (spawn)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/A
Description of Issue: After I got my daily reward and did all my voting, I received my rewards and warped to spawn. I walked up to the chest and activated it but nothing happened. I hit it a few times not thinking something was wrong and then I got disconnected. I couldn't reconnect to the server after that for 30 mins to an hour. Once I did get back in I spawned it back where I originally logged in before I did my daily and voting with no rewards in my inventory. I tried to do my daily and voting again but it says it's already done for the day. Unfortunately I don't have an exact time but I can say the original disconnect happened somewhere around 12PM Central. I went back to spawn after I logged back in and now I'm back to where I originally logged in and logging out for the time being.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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