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[Refund Request] SirSlitix


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In-Game Name: SirSlitix
Server : Tekkit

Item name + Item ID 

Full Power Armor:

Helmet(ID:25027) Addons: Energy Shield, Water Electrolyzer, Auto-Feeder, Night Vision, Flight Controll            Chestplate(ID:25028) Addons: Energy Shield, Magnet              Leggings(ID:25029) Addons: Energy Shield, Sprint Assist, Uphill Step Assist             Boots(ID:25030) Addons: Energy Shield, Shock Absorber

Power Fist(ID:25031) Addons: Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Me Wireless Terminal, Diamond Drill upgrade

Other Items: Resonant Energy Cell (ID:917:4), Creativ Builderswand

Time & Date: around 19:15 MESZ
Description of Issue: May look like a mistake since i copied my old refund request. But for some god unknown reason it happened again. I dont know what exactly happened since i havent played in a week(reason for the same date ), but apparently I lost my stuff again. I got on the server and my entire inventory was reset to zero, once more.


Appreciate the help

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