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Refund Request


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Your Name: theBlueMoa
Item Name + Amount: 

Power Armor Chestplate, Power Armor Leggings, Power Armor Head, Power Armor Boots,

Resonant Energy Cell (full charged),

Advanced Solar Panel (galacticraft),

4 ion thrusters, 4 forcefield emitters, 4 mv capacitors, 
Coordinates: -2592 63 -792
Description of Issue: I was on 1/2 a heart as I didn't have food to regen, jumped up a block with my powerarmor jetpack on and died from fall damage. My friend who was AFK on the block I was jumping to, KianHasBigBrain, picked up all my stuff except my Advanced Solar Panel, Resonant Cell and Power Armor. I tp'd back 30s later, nothing was on the floor, and he gave me everything he did pick up. He's relogged, screenshared on discord with me, I've checked all our chests, and I can't find the missing stuff.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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