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[Revelation] Abandoned player structure removal request.

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I considered using a template, but this is neither a claim removal or a claim rollback, thought it is similar.

At around -3000, -1800, "ironad" has claimed a massive area in some snow mountains. Via /seen, he last played almost 3 months ago, which would qualify for a claim removal according to people I've talked to on the server.

However, I'm fine with him keeping all his stuff, and in fact would prefer his claim was not removed.

But for some reason, around the border of his claim, in the sky at like Y:128-ish, he built a giant pointless cobblestone rectangle, which can be seen hundreds of blocks away. You can see it very clearly on the livemap: http://rev.craftersland.net:8120/

Could a staff member remove this rectangle? Again, all his claims, stuff and other structures are fine and can be kept, just this rectangle is stopping me from building a few hundred blocks away because it's an eyesore.

Please note!  He does seem to have a couple small half built platforms at the same height level on the far side of the mountains from me, and I'm fine with them staying, as I can't see them from where I plan to build. I felt like I should mention that, as a staff member simply removing everything at that height level would also remove those platforms.

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