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Account Deletion

Guest IIonions

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5 hours ago, IIonions said:

Asking to have my account deleted for some uhh, personal reasons. Under the right to be forgotten, please. Sorry for the bother.


Hi, sure we can delete your account and all data related, but keep in mind that it is not reversible. I will wait for a confirmation reply.


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Okay, here's the thing about deleting all of your content.

Deleting posts breaks the flow of the archived conversation and it makes our archive incomplete. This is a problem for the freedom of expression and information. But Art.17(3) GDPR includes an exception to the right of erasure for this situation. So posts do not need to be deleted.

However, profiles are not included in this exception. So they must be removed, but they can be pseudonymized. For example, we can replace your username with e.g. user89432 and remove all details from the profile.

If other posts contain the nick of the author of an anonymized post, that is considered a journalistic, academic, artistic or literary expression, so Art. 85 GDPR would apply. So, the right of erasure does not apply to that.

Bottom line: In order for us to protect the integrity and coherence of our community forums, we really only have to pseudonymize your account upon your request for deletion.

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Guest IIonions

I get that my posts may have to stay but can i get it so that my username and all details are removed? Sorry if this causes a lot of bother but it would be greatly appreciated

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