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[Refund Request] Strange inscribers

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Your Name: Macdari 
Item Name + ID + Amount: Inscriber calculation press (1), Inscriber engineering press (1), Inscriber logic press (1), Inscriber silicon press (1), Acceleration card either 21 or 17 of these. I don't remember the load out I had for sure. 
Coordinates: -5461, 76, -18683
Description of Issue: I was on my island and everything was good. Vote party happened and I went to turn in keys. Came back and placed the new table I got from the Mystic key that I won. Ultimate crafting table. As soon as I placed it I noticed the hot bar slot filled with an advanced inscriber. I thought this was strange. I placed it and ended up placing 5 of them that showed up. I went to the place where mine were setup to auto craft processor chips and they were missing as well as the presses and the Acceleration cards. I have since replaced the presses from who ever is selling them at spawn, $1000 for the set. I also built basic inscribers to put into my setup so I can craft again. 
Screenshots (Optional):  I do not have any pictures, sorry. 

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Items refunded, the inscribers popping out are caused by your security terminal. To prevent that from happening you can either add a blank biometric card with the Build permission to the security terminal or put the wireless point and the security terminal in a sub-network.


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