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Your Name: Bjørnar Noren / ZaedonHD
Item Name + ID + Amount: Legendary crate key (#0131) x7
Coordinates:  X: -322, Z: -2059 (Badlands)
Description of Issue: I recently purchased Sponsor+ for the RLC Server and for some reason my keys got the (Spawned in by ZaedonHD) And now i cant use them, I think it was because i moved them in my inventory while in creative, And i would very much like to be able to use them seeing as i spent quite alot of money on the rank, And having them be usless wouldent be the best, So if this issues cant get resolved i will unfortunatly request a full refund seeing as i dident get what i payed for, Sry for being blunt but.. it is what it is, hope i get a message back as soon as possible ^^ i am in-game alot, im also able to get a hold of on discord, Just look for the name Zaedon :D
Screenshots (Optional): 

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