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was playing on the 9th/12/2019 with sponsor+ and yesterday 10/12/2019 i logged in with craftersland launcher and launched though the hub as wanted to cehck it out. doing this caused my account to duplicate with 1 being s+ and the other without a rank and being a fresh account i asked ness to look in to it and got a very minor reply about he cant do anything may a topic "not that helpful" .but here is a prior post to when i last had this rank as its not moved since then only from 1.7.10 to 1.12 


if this could get fixed would be amazing and im guessing i still have a claim somewhere on the map with all my stuff that i can no longer access. i cannot get a payment id as i no longer have access to my old paypals that ive used jordi was the last one that i disccused the ranks with as he cleaned up my rank spreadsheet if your refer to this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GXDoUap3F9zYnuq9fUDKQDB4vF2fG6E-Ln2_4-eYpaQ/edit?usp=sharing you will see my ranks apart from the most recent one thats on rl craft

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