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  1. We would really need this after a reset: - A fixed player market or a real market area with signshops/carrotshop - Better chunkloaders. Some that only load while a player is online but correctly. Current situation is that half of my base gets unloaded (mainly the energy system) while the rest remains active resulting in machines running out of energy (e.g. OpenComputers, Sag Mills, etc). - More lagging stuff banned (like EnderIO conduits, quantum quarries, ...) - Reset the End and the Nether every time the server restarts - Preferably automatic claim removal/reset after long enough inactivity but I don't think any plugin offers that.. Otherwise this server will end up just as badly as it is now..
  2. You don't have to give everyone the permission to set up signshops. I'm just asking for a permission for me to set some signshops up. The plugin is already there as the spawn shop is using signshop, you'd just need to add me to the permissions for creating one. I'm not trying to get rich with my shop, I'm not even online that often or know what to do with all the money, I just want to help people. For example there are always people that just enjoy building stuff and not setting up void miners and ore processing machines etc.. They just come to my shop, buy 4000 wood and start building. You can't provide such a service by signshops at spawn or through the player market, not even through player signshop markets (at least not that easily). Or do it like other servers and create a separate, small world where people can create shops and only allow signshops in there. How can you abused a sign shop though? Selling different items than written on the sign? yeah that could be a problem. But that's why I only ask for myself, not for the whole server.
  3. Uhm thanks but what am I supposed to do with this information? Ok you confirmed that there is some issue with the player market.. right, we know that, nice to know some more details but isn't changing anything. What I'm asking is to be allowed to set up a signshop just like the spawn, only with 2-5 signs so people can exchange server funds for my shop funds and be able to buy stuff there. Even if the player market was to be fixed, I'd prefer this solution as otherwise I'd have to log in every day to restock the player market with exchange floppy disks.
  4. Well I just want to bring this up again..
  5. If you don't make clear rules and even ban lagging items, people will continue to create lag. Don't expect people to build wise, enforce it.
  6. I created an automatic shop system using OpenComputers but I have difficulties exchanging server money for shop funds because the player market keeps removing my opencomputers floppy disks (that I use as an exchange currency) with every server restart. Would it be possible to allow me to set up a signshop so I can sell these disks like the spawn sells items? Many people would really like my shop to work correctly but without a reliable means of exchanging server money for shop funds it is only of limited use. Here's a screenshot of the shop's GUI:
  7. I was online when this happened. One moment he had S+ and over 30k$ and the next he had an account with exactly the same name but no rank and no funds. And tab completion also shows those 2 accounts with the same name.
  8. Also he accuses people randomly of breaking the rules and being offensive. This not only is an attempt to ruin the reputation of other people, it's outright harassment, which is against Rule 15. Here he is accusing Revurin of messaging him on discord: Here he accuses me of griefing: Any every time he is online it becomes a big drama with whoever falls for his trolling. I ususally tend to ignore him but harassment by wrongful accusations is a step too far. Witnesses: Revurin, DarkerDimensions, MCGoogless and some new players I don't want to involve He always manages to turn things around onto the one he was trolling, making it look like he is getting trolled and doesn't get any punishment. However most people on the server that have been around a little longer are getting increasingly annoyed up to the point where playing with him online is not much fun anymore. And advices like "use /ignore" is not an acceptable solution to someone who is harassing other players and not using common sense. Also you can't /ignore the stuff he builds around your base (in seightn's case) or the claims he creates. When he isn't trolling, he can be a nice person helping new players but that doesn't excuse his misbehaviour. Furter proof of him just searching for fights and harassing people: He was actively going through other people's discord and steam profiles to find something he could use to cause trouble, when he found that jack#2687 has the word "negro" in his steam profile which is a normal word in spanish. But certainly in no connection to minecraft and the discord. Regardless he used it to harass that person on disord, starting with an "innocent" but unrelated request: Which jack#2687 explained: So the next(!) day he made this post, clearly modifying the screenshot to make it look like asscake (jack#2687) was the one harassing him: Sadly Ness didn't take the time to follow up on the origin of the edited message malcrysis/militahobo used and he once again got away with harassing other people while making it look like he is the one being harassed: He is a master troll, I give him that. But I prefer not having to deal with a master troll on a regular basis because it takes the fun out of a game. So please finally do something about it.
  9. Your Name: kevinkk525 Claim Leaders Name: winedhard Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : 778 450 80 Claim members: None Reason for request: Claimed directly next to my base, inactive >150 days, nothing on there Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  10. This is fixed in 2.5.0 and can be closed/removed
  11. Thanks for your answer! Hmm I'm not sure this is really about restarts and being a weird AE2 issue but if you tell me, that no AE2 files are touched during maintenance, I have to believe you. This issue however doesn't happen for a week and survives many server restarts (I have been playing for one week about 14h/day), which led us to believe, that it's connected to the server maintenance. And it would be weird that something basic like this is a AE2 issue nobody cared to fix because AE2 is an extremely mature mod.
  12. Today I noticed that my AE2 P2P tunnels weren't connected anymore although correctly set up and working yesterday. Also the security terminal was basically disconnected from the network and had to be placed again. In a discussion today it was clear, that this happens every week and is basically a common problem. The assumption is that during maintenance the corresponding AE2 files get deleted. It would be great if that was not the case as building without P2P tunnels would be annoying and recreating the link is too.
  13. Thanks for your answer Ness. As we figured out yesterday, I can't use the command (gives no output and does nothing) but you can. After that, the saplings seem to have been placed (proper confirmation still to be done) but pretty soon the machines to cut down the tree stopped. I think this is because of the gp permissions too. (Proper confirmation using enderio farming station still to be done).
  14. The recipes for smelting uranium grit and yellorium dust in a furnace change about every server restart. One time you get uranium ingots, the next time yellorium ingots. This is very frustrating because I have to adapt some stored patterns after every restart if I need them. And as my reactor needs uranium/yellorium ingots, I have to change that too after every restart.
  15. I tried 2 different tree farm approaches now, enderio farming station and industrial foregoing. But there is a serious bug preventing them from working correclty: Sometimes the planted saplings just disappear. This happens quite often actually. There is basically no way of getting enough saplings to replace the disappearing ones. Sometimes I just stand next to the farm and watch the saplings disappear one after the other. Problems in industrial foregoing: Sometimes those machines don't work for minutes before resuming their task. 2nd problem: The plant sower sometimes plants multiple stacks of saplings but doesn't actually plant them, they are not visible anywhere (might be because they disappear immediately) and therefore runs empty quickly. Edit: I can actually confirm that it is a permissions problem. I placed a enderio farming station so that half of the area is inside my claim and half is outside but the station is placed inside my claim. The area outside my claim got planted just fine while the area inside my claim was not, the saplings just disappeared.
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