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key resend request


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Your Name: killerbunny116
Item Name + ID + Amount: 
 16 vote keys (and 2 stacks of stone spears) btw the 16 key isn't 4 because the x4 vote rewards were today

Coordinates: house near 864, 5679
Description of Issue: as I was voting a dark purple  eechetik spawned at my house and came in through a door and killed me and before I could spawn the server saved and cleared the spears and keys. this save feature is problematic for me and other players as when it does this (and it does it very frequently!)everyone lags and if youre in combat it doesn't bode well. as well as it clearing objects so frequently and without warning is an issue of its own, possibly clearing that mob spawner or diamonds that just got mined
Screenshots (Optional): unknown.pngunknown.png

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