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New bug through Chance cubes

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Greetings readers.
I kinda need you help here. I open some chance cubes on "Skyfactory 2.5" and got killed through a chat message. But here is my problem. I cant see my hearts, cant interact with objects or simply die.

Just as a messures:
1. I opened some chance cubes (than nearly killed me)
2. ate an notch apple
3. opened another chance cube.
4. I got a question, which I answered (but wrong).
5. I got in this status of "endless death*"
6. And here am I with my problem now.

*: my POV is shaking without end, I cant interact with object/blocks or what so ever, I cant see my hearts and I cant die(no matter by what. Suffaction, bathing in lava, fall out of the world, etc.).

I just didnt receive any damage. What should I do. restart of the launcher or game wont change anything.

What can I do now?


Sincerly Rollmklor159

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