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[Factions] Allow Max Power To Increase From Kills


Max power increase via slaying of players/mobs by factor set by Brunyman  

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  1. 1. Allow the Max Power to Increase from killing Mobs/Players

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I recently noticed that the maximum power on this server is set manually at 10/10 and the decrease by death is 0.20 power.


As on all other factions pvp servers that i have played on a player can kill other players to increase his own maximum power, although killing five to ten players will bring it up to the next one so lets say i kill five players my power will then become 10/11 and will increase to 11/11 over time.


I think this is good cause with a lack of players and the fact that most players already have their own faction the faction owners can support there own land on their own.


Like i own a island, i cant support it with just 4 people in my faction and still have some power left over. I want the power to be able to increase so i can go hunt five to ten players and increase my power.


The last factions server i played on had heroes as well.


The factors were


F power increase ( player kill )= 0.20 x kill

F power increase ( Mob Kill) = 0.5 x kill


This would also help a lot of people like those who cant communicate since they cant speak english, so they could also support their own factions on their own. I want power to automatically increase by killing mobs or players and with any factor brunyman chooses as long as it can work.


especially with the faction guards/mobs we all cant support a single archer on our own without the help with atleast five to six others in our factions. This also helps the raid system so more factions will be online to gain more power and to raid other factions to increase there power.


I hope this is implemented into factions it would make my castle claiming much more easier, and allow me to expand on my own rather then invite people i dont trust and those who cant speak english.



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Thats called power boosting. and is bannable on most other servers for exp gain and for power boosting.


BUT players are always online and if the chat is spammed with player 1 killed player 2 then they would report it.


Spawn camping is a mechanism of raiding so i think its allowed.


But then again if you ask a friend to do that his power also decreases and since we cant make alternate accounts there is no point in saying that mairix.


No idiot would give up all of his own power to another person just for them to increase theres.



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  • Founder

the problem is i can't find any option for this in the latest factions version for 1.7.9, all we have for power is this:


  "powerMax": 10.0,
  "powerMin": 0.0,
  "powerPerHour": 2.0,
  "powerPerDeath": -0.2,
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Ill find the right nodes for you. If not possible then could you increase the base maximum power to 20/20 rather then 10/10?


"PowerMax": 20.0,

"PowerMin": 0.0,

"PowerPerDeath": 1.5,


Ill find the other nodes and post them here. I beleive some are custom ones that you yourself must write.

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