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[Refund Request] AtlasAlex


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Your Name: AtlasAlex
Item Name + ID + Amount:

 Fluid Cow: Blue Slime (51247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Obsidian Fluid (5247) 2 

Cow: Molten Clay(5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Liquifacted Coal (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Purple Slime (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Pink Slime (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Steel (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Dark Steel (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten End Stee l(5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Melodic Alloy (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Iron (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Copper (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Silver (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Gold (5247) 2

Fluid Cow: Molten Demon Metal (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Tectonic Petrotheum (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Blazing Pyrotheum (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Destablized Redstone (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Conductive Iron (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Energitic Silver (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Knightslime (5247) 2 

Fluid Cow: Molten Lead (5247) 2 

they all have the same id in JEI

Coordinates: -17703 99 10500
Description of Issue:  Don't know what happened,\ my friend was on all day and was breeding cows then we noticed they were all done, they de-spawned or something, losing all progress.

As well as i'm not sure how many of each so  I put 2 because we had at least 2 of each but more of some but that does not matter as long as we can get 2 of each back if possible.
Screenshots (Optional): VH1hwNo.png

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  • Manager

Items refund at your island's spawn, you should put your cows in stall s and only have the ones you are breeding in the overworld, otherwise they will de-spawn as they did there.

Further refunds concerning fluid cows may be denied since you have been warned about the problem.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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