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Need my things returned (_declonius_)


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In-Game Nickname: (_Declonius_)


Time and date:Ended on 1-22 2020, not sure witch Log file it began in. but its all here, to the best of my knowledge . had to open the compressed logs to find it and that took me several hours to do. as there was several to go through. because this transpired over more then just one session/ day


Description of what happened: (In chronological order) i had offered to build him a larger ME system, He Had told me That would be nice.. so i did.... Post 1 and post 2

(Post 1 contains a Typo (Supposed to have the word "me" Between the word need and to as i was asking him if he wanted me to Set up a Advanced ME system With Auto-Crafting)

so i did.. I made Him an advanced ME System Complete with auto-Crafting, then he tore it down a few days later and Locked me out saying he never gave me perm. to build it., i asked for my things back and he ignored me logging off, i have tried several Times now To get my things back form him... He refuses!

The Items are as follows, 1 64k Me Crafting Storage,1 ME Crafting Co Processor Unit, 19 Me Controller's, one was his already, 5 Molecular Assembler's. one ME Wireless Access Point "With 64 Upgrades For it, one Me Security Terminal,  6 ME Interface's, and A Number Of ME Dense Smart Cables (Fluix) and ME Smart Cable -Fluix (He only Made the Glass me Cables all the Fluix Smart Cables where made by me.) He also Has A Rf tools matter Transmitter and Receiver, 1 dialing Device and one Destination Analyzer, that has my name as the owner. Although he picked them up after i Threatened to take a SC of it showing me as the owner today so i know he has no intention of Giving me my things back!

He not even know how to set up the ME Auto-crafting system! or it would be back together! he took it And Locked me out and has it just sitting there Taunting me With it! after Telling me off and Saying he never wanted it in the 1st place! (See Screen Shot)

(He can Keep the ME Security Terminal Everyone needs security ill not leave what is left of his system unprotected)

Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

[17:28:39] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [_Declonius_ -> me]: can you make my me wireless so i can use it down the laboratory too ?

POST1: [10:11:25] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [me -> _Declonius_]: so if you need to make a larger Me system with auto crafting let me know i have most of it on An Auto Crafter already so if you have the resorces and let me know i can make almsot anyhting for it lol

POST2: [10:12:34] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [_Declonius_ -> me]: if you want that would be nice but im working abit on Thaumcraft because of the lamps

POST3: [17:28:39] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [_Declonius_ -> me]: can you make my me wireless so i can use it down the laboratory too ?

[10:04:07] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [me -> _Declonius_]: also i have made your some recipes and such for the auto crafter (look in the Pattern Terminal
[10:04:18] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] _Declonius_: i saw thats soo nice ^^

[10:04:47] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiNewChat]: [CHAT] [_Declonius_ -> me]: wana help me to build my base ?

See attached ConvoThat ended Everything.txtnotepad Document for this (Its Huge < This was the point where everything all fell apart and he started going off on me, for no reason, Trying to say He never wanted me to Build anything And wanted to do it all himself Despite granting me Perms and asking me to help too, and i asked for my things back at the end he logged off (EDITED OUT OTHER Players convo's..)

List of eyewitnesses: (demonash) He saw me building the things in question for _Declonius_ and may have some Additional Input but i am unsure

MY STUFF01.png

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forgot to add: That every time i see him since this Point I have asked for my things back, He ignores me Tells me i dont listen and Then Logs off... I Want My THINGS BACK! As Listed Above! Thanks "in all honesty i had hoped it would not come to this but it has.  so I just spent several hours Searching backlogs I can Only hope its Enough to Get the things he said he never wanted, "Returned" "No one Takes a CARP on me, and gets away with it! ...Willingly atleast

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UPDATE: After Over a Week  of Trying to get my things back and After Filing This Complaint, I Saw him online, and Told him that if he was not going to Give me my stuff back To Hop on over to the forums to defend his Self... he After finding i was serious about it opted to Return the things Listed above. (Matter Resolved)

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