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[Refund Request] YorokobeShounen


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Your Name: YorokobeShounen
Item Name + ID + Amount: Bronze Sea Serpent, named Mango II. 1. Roughly 240 hp size.
Coordinates: x6177,y75,z7070
Description of Issue: Came back online to find Mango II missing from his enclosure, no signs of griefing so likely server despawned him.

Upon further investigation, my 80 HP bronze serpent Apricot and HakuraTakamuto's 100 hp red serpent Dragonfruit has also gone missing from our respective claims.

Screenshots of the other enclosures as proofhttps://imgur.com/d1UJTYJ https://imgur.com/8Q8f70L https://imgur.com/5OH7RAA

Many players have visited my aquarium to see Mango II as well.

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We aren't able to refund exact mobs, moreover as they are wild, untamable ones. Whenever keeping wild pets(even with nametags), one should be aware of the risks involved and that it may despawn or disappear for other uncertain reasons.

I saw Mango II in your claim, so I suppose the refund isn't necessary anymore?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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