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[Refund Request] kevinjones1337

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Your Name: kevinjones1337 
Item Name + Amount: 

1  Zivicio Helmet,

1 Zivicio Chestplate

1 Zivicio Leggings

1 Zivicio Boots

216 Quartz

450 Lapis Lazuli

1 Ball of Moss

1 Nether Star

1 Diamond Block

1 Notch Apple

1 Gold Block 

1 Diamond

1 Manyullyn Large Sword Blade

1 Obsidian Large Plate

1 Paper Tough Rod

1 Obsidian Tough Rod
Coordinates: -7983/1/19190

Description of Issue: Clicked the portal of the Deep Dark while being in the Deep Dark, I got bugged out of the game, it crashed, grave didnt spawn.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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