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[Refund Request] Obama_the_ratgod


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Your Name: obama_the_ratgod
Item Name + ID + Amount:

 Geonach Spear: Level 3 (#5491)

128x dark oak wood (#0162/1)

64x stone brick (0098/0)

Dragon horn (#4499) containing a female sapphire dragon (egg item #4461) at age 35.

Coordinates: Not 100% sure, but around my base at 2484, 34?, -2780
Description of Issue: Was clearing out an area underground for me to place my dragons, and I foolishly brought my dragon (named Stinky) along with me. I found some ores, and decided "oh hey, free exp" and mined them. A geonach spawned on me, and slaughtered me. I did /back and suffered a lag spike, but I was able to pick up the majority of my items. Some building blocks, my spear (again, sorry), Stinky, and some other items were cleared by the system shortly after before I could get to them.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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