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Unban Malagnys


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I was just looking at that chest in my place ... that was given to us . by someone , im playing totaly leggit ... 
Please unban me 
I swear to god , just delete that chest with that crap ... 

And take my money in my acc. 
but i did not something against rules. 

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The reason i ban you is like you sayed you had a chest full of creative items.... and then you used another acc. to try and remove them from the chest so thats rule 18

You sayed it was given to you by a player whats his name? why didn't you report this to a staff member? it could been that easy to say: oh someone game me illegal items can you remove them and post a ss of that player or remember his name... just saying.

And now i don't know if your base is legit or build on that exploit/hack/dupe.

So can you provide us the player that gave you this items?

I will discuss this with the other members of the staff and i will come back with an answer.

P.S And you didn't have a town set up..... why?? any player could have get his hands on those items or other things could have happend....

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i dont know wich one gave it to us.. because they where just placed into that chest, 
nothing is actualy dupe, we bulid that with our bare hands. 

Only those items where cheated.. 
and we didnt had set up the town , because we f..... dont know how to use it .. 
i was just used to use /res set bla bla , with gold axe. 

In our base, we are playing as 3 people me my nightpaw and sometimes somefriends with my second acc ... 

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I will asume your cleared.... but in the future please report this as soon as posible and if there is a player that is offering strange items or trow them to you post it on discord a ss or his name.

If i see any more of this items it may resolve into a harder punishment, also make a town over your base !!! there is a guide at the spawn on the monitor....

And i remove that chest and your inventory... as a precaution.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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