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[Buycraft Issue] Zaphod_965


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In game name: Zaphod_965

Proof of Purchase: YEnDXOt.png

Description of Issue: Don't have the claim blocks I should have with my rank.

Date/Time of Purchase: Last year sometime idk exactly.

Items/Rank Bought: Premium Rank

Screenshots (Optional):

Any other important information:

I just came back to this server just over a week ago after a long absence. There was a server wipe since i was last on. Everything with my old rank seems to work ok but my claim blocks are still set to 20 like a new player. I recall I used to have over 200 I think. I tried reporting this as par of a Rank Reactivation posted Feb 14 but nothing has happened.  It was suggested in discord by a GM I should put it under buycraft issue. Ty.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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