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[Complaint] (Dobroxx)


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In-Game Nickname: Dobroxx

Time and date: 

- Part 1 (in the end): Feb 18, ca. 6pm (GMT-5)

- Part 2 (in-game player market): Feb 19, 8:40pm (GMT-5)

Description of what happened: Suspicion of griefing (killing players, stealing their items)

- Part 1 (in the end): Whilst I fought the ender dragon, players Dobroxx and Zinne91 also joined the end. I died several times in a row (because stupid me used the /back command repeatedly, going back to the end unequipped and hoping to be quick enough to break my previous grave and put on my armor again, but ending up being killed by the dragon instantly several times). Dobroxx shot and killed me (I assumed it was an accident, as I believed both would join in on the fight, and eventually one of them killed the ender dragon).

After the dragon was killed, I noticed my Wyvern helmet, chestplate and boots were missing, and I only recovered the Wyvern leggings from my grave-breaking attempts (most of my deaths did not result in gravestones at all, supposedly because I did not carry and items at all). Also, dragon heart, dragon egg etc. were gone.

When asked, Dobroxx denied having picked up either of these items, parts of my armor, the dragon heart, dragon egg etc. Zinne91 also denied, but borrowed me a dragon heart of his and stated that he was also "accidentally" (Dobroxx' words, according to Zinne91) killed by Dobroxx before.

- Part 2 (in-game player market): I noticed Dobroxx selling a Wyvern helmet, chestplate and boots in the player market, but no leggings. All three items were not fully charged. I asked him publicly in the public chat if he also sells the leggings and why they are not fully charged, but he did not respond to my questions at all.

Screenshots or Proof: (Unfortunately I was too slow screenshotting the chestplate, as apparently someone purchased it in the meantime, but I saw it on the market)


List of eyewitnesses: Zinne91, list of players online when I asked Dobroxx publicly

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