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About server wipes


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I have something between a suggestion and a question.
I have recently read a few topics in General forum tab and mentioned, that the last wipe was after only 8 months after the previous one. Imho - It's not so much.
In comments, I saw, that there are 2 opposite opinions. Some are complaining about server wipe and imminent losing of everything, and some are happy about exploring this brave new world.
I'm closer to the first one, but not entirely. I love to build and share my creations with other players. I'm quite indifferent about losing all the technical and magical stuff from mods.
But buildings... I placed a part of my soul in every single one. And losing them will hurt me such a lot.
Is there any way to save my work in a new world?
Maybe some MCEdit copy/pasting work? For a reasonable donation of course.
Or permission to take a Buildcraft Builder templates into a new world?

That's all I wanted to ask. I will appreciate any answer even a harsh one.
Maybe i didn't enough understand all the reasons why my question is stupid or weird. So I'm kindly asking for an explanation.


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