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Your Name: BigManDanny
Item Name + Amount: 1 flamed dragon bow with punch 4, rapid fire, inf. full set red dragon armor helmet head prot 4, unbreaking 3, chest had blast prot 4, adv thorns 1, unbreaking 2. pants had prot 4, adv thorn 1, unbreaking 1. boots had prot 4, burning thorns 1, and feather falling 2. 1 dragon eye, 1 stone of the sea, 2 regen rings, 1 diamond shield, 1 bezoar, 1 brisk vitamins, 1 atlas, 60 cooked potatoes, 1 disc 11 
Coordinates: in a cave
Description of Issue: I joined the server dead and tried to get my stuff back and i died again when the data was saving and i went back and all of it was gone like the stuff was on the floor for like 10 sec. and this is the second time it happened.
Thanks Mike

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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