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Refund Request


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Your Name: manevilus
Item Name + ID + Amount: Angel ring#8211/0 1

Invar Hammer #4288 no uses 1

Diamond hammer#6982 almost completely used up 1

Diamond pickaxe #0278  Don't remember exact durability

Chance cube #8328 1

I dont remember the other stuff that I had but it was not nearly as important as the items above, mostly I just care about the angel ring
Coordinates: 14078 100 191999
Description of Issue: I died in the mining dimension when I opened a chance cube and it was a math question and I was not paying attention, I exploded, then when I went back there was a bedrock cube surrounding where I died, someone broke the bedrock somehow, but my grave wasn't there, and all my stuff was gone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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