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[Refund Request] _MrMelk_


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Your Name: _MrMelk_

Item Name + Amount: Power Armor Chestplate, Power Armor Leggings, Power Armor Helmet, Power Fist. One of each everything fully upgraded. Minus the energy shield upgrade


CoordinatesX: 3754 Y: 27 Z: -1022 (There is a chest with the bugged items)


Description of Issue:  I forgot to take the power armour off and put it in me system, so the upgrades got removed and the armour and fist says its spawned in. The only piece that survived was the boots that you could check its fully upgraded. 

Screenshots (Optional): image.png.3a4035bcbc426d7a9095b131c05e8f9a.pngimage.png.11bc680d5ecdfd61af8c5864e2a4841a.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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