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  1. You know that you cant kill entities with WorldEdit right?
  2. Your Name: _MrMelk_ Item Name + Amount: tesseract: 20 Id: 930 redsone energy conduits: 4500 Id: 20258:2 item ducts (opaque): 2250 Id: 20258:4099 laser drills: 2230 Id: 708 laser drill precharger: 4460 Id: 708:1 chunk loader: 2 Id: 781 atomic electro magnet: 2200 Id: 1409:1 tank: 2 Id: 522 cursed earth: 6700 Id: 2515 fluid duct: 100 Id: 20258:2049 fusion reactor: 12 Id: 1414 igneous extruder: 40 Id: 924:7 mining upgrade: 10752 speed upgrade: 5400 stacks upgrade: 5400 laser focus (yellow) 10000 Coordinates: -3773, ~, -3144 Description of Issue: We were told to remove some lasers and PA. We removed some and we were told that the TPS was ok. Then today Sakul were told to remove more of it then ten minutes after, MeanManSlayer used World Edit to remove it since he didnt think Sakul was fast enough and the server restarted due to low TPS. So if we could get the items refunded so we could sell them or use them ourself somewhere not in the overworld. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Account Name: _MrMelk_Rank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /speed, /worldedit, /god and is it possible to remove the cooldownsReason for Request*: /speed : so i can fly faster, /worldedit : so i can help build a new base in our town, /god : so i can stay afk safely without getting killed, Remove cooldown because when flying or walking on streetlights the hunger goes down quickly. Regards, _MrMelk_
  4. Hey, i wondering if I could have my [Sponsor+] prefix changed to [S+] In-game name: _MrMelk_
  5. So its been 24h when is the wipe?
  6. Your Name: _MrMelk_ Item Name + Amount: Power Armor Chestplate, Power Armor Leggings, Power Armor Helmet, Power Fist. One of each everything fully upgraded. Minus the energy shield upgrade Coordinates: X: 3754 Y: 27 Z: -1022 (There is a chest with the bugged items) Description of Issue: I forgot to take the power armour off and put it in me system, so the upgrades got removed and the armour and fist says its spawned in. The only piece that survived was the boots that you could check its fully upgraded. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Dear, @brunyman I don't think I'm the only one wanting a wipe of the tekkit server now. It been close to six months now since the last server wipe. the last week we have noticed a lot of server lagg, crashing and restarts and I know alot of members of this community is waiting for a server wipe. Some people are probably waiting for the wipe to purchase a rank or kit so they have something to start on and by wiping the server it will be a less case of crashes and lagg, there are alot of bases that cause lagg but when the wipe happens the bases will be gone and the lagg will be reduced. I hope to se a server wipe soon! Please my fellow members of the tekkit community, leave a comment about whether or not you think the server needs a wipe. Regards, _MrMelk_
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