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[complaint] Mikewerf


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In-Game Nickname: Mikewerf
Your username (Optional): Sakul1900
Time and Date: 04.04.2020 - 19.04.2020

Description of what happened: 

We have been staff abused by Mikewerf. 
I have town with Jaruso and _Mrmelk_. 
Mikewerf started to dislike us before and right after the wipe which was April 3rd 2020.
We buildt lasers drills at our base and after long time, mikewerf said: Remove some lasers. We said ok, we started with removing half of our lasers when we did that mikewerf and MeanManSlayer watched us remove them. 
After a while mikewerf left and meanmanslayer said the TPS was ok at the moment. The server was fine so you guys didn`t need to remove more drills you can see in the screeshot below. 
We had something like 700 mining lasers which was placed out, but they didn`t say anything about the other players which had more than us. 
The POG clan have somewhere around 1000 mining lasers and and Wargon has close to 1000 as well, but they have never spoken to them about the lasers.
Mikewerf and MeanManSlayer have tped to the town multiple times and said we had to move the lasers. Then some staff came on and replaced our cobblestone-, obsidiangenerators and the fusionreactor to bedrock and obsidian.
After that aftet that mikewerf said that we had to make more grinders on the mob farm to reduce the lagg. We did as he asked us to do, then later he just changed the cursed earth to normal dirt and left all our mobfarms defect.
Then mikewerf stopped the particle accelerator about 30-60 times total. Then he replaced some of the atomic electromagnet to normal electromagnet so the particle accelerator wouldn't work anymore.
Today at 17:30 MeanManSlayer checked the fusion reactor and said that it was ok and the TPS was stable and good. But then mikewerf logged on and he replaced all the electricturbins to obsidian and the fusionreactor to bedrock without any warning, at the same time mikewerf removed our cobbelstonegenerator 4 times to obsidian without a warning or even give us a chance to remove it like they let us do with the laser drills the first time. He removed all the item ducts, fluid ducts and the items transfernote with upgrades so we lost 10k mining upgrades and 6k speed and stack upgrades.
They say that we only can use a fulm reactor, but we need antimatter for it but when mikewerf keeps on stopping the particelaccelerator all the time so it doesn't create any.

I want you to check every worldedit after the wipe between the coordinates: x: -3985 z: -2930 to x:-3618 z:-3333 (and ignore _MrMelk_`s worldedits)

Screenshots or Proof:





















List of eyewitnesses




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Well today 21.04.2020 mikewerf was on a "trip" to the bace and right after he leave this happend and he brack the fusion reactor and some resors burn up and are long gone now and this is how its look wend he leave the bace. but the problem is this is so annoying because every time mikewerf is online we have to check the hole bace and Every setup we have bacuse he wants to destroy every machine and stuff we have in the bace. 

he bracked 1 electro magnet glass so the plasma is going out


Screenshots or Proof:






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