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[Refund Request] _MrMelk_


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Your Name: _MrMelk_

Item Name + Amount: 

tesseract: 20                                    Id: 930
redsone energy conduits: 4500      Id: 20258:2
item ducts (opaque): 2250             Id: 20258:4099
laser drills: 2230                             Id: 708
laser drill precharger: 4460            Id: 708:1
chunk loader: 2                              Id: 781
atomic electro magnet: 2200         Id: 1409:1
tank: 2                                            Id: 522
cursed earth: 6700                         Id: 2515
fluid duct: 100                               Id: 20258:2049
fusion reactor: 12                            Id: 1414
igneous extruder: 40                     Id: 924:7


mining upgrade: 10752

speed upgrade: 5400

stacks upgrade: 5400

laser focus (yellow) 10000

Coordinates-3773, ~, -3144

Description of Issue: 

We were told to remove some lasers and PA. We removed some and we were told that the TPS was ok. Then today Sakul were told to remove more of it then ten minutes after, MeanManSlayer used World Edit to remove it since he didnt think Sakul was fast enough and the server restarted due to low TPS. So if we could get the items refunded so we could sell them or use them ourself somewhere not in the overworld.

Screenshots (Optional):



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