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Falsely Banned (SkyFactory 2.5 Server)


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Server: SkyFactory 2.5

Username: ultraflex10

Date Banned: 2020-04-20

Ban Reason: Rule 2 - First Offense - Duping

Un-ban Reason: Me and my friend did NOT dupe, we just had a lot of items from friends who where generous to us. We where banned because we had "Too many awakened draconium bars inside of our ae2 system." We would like to clarify that we had that many ingots because a friend gave us 20 to 50 stacks of awakened draconium blocks to us. 

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First of all, by taking a look at your ME Drives of your ME System, you can see that they were not originally filled by the ME System.
Applied Energistics selects an ME Drive (based on its location compared to the others) and fills its discs in a row from the first to the last. None of your drives were filled at all, but all of them had random amount of bytes and item types stored in them. Even tho this can happen when you transfer your discs to new drives, the discs that had items (most of the times all the discs except the one that was still filling when you moved them) in them should still be full either on bytes or on types. Your island had exactly one of your hundreds of discs that was full. Other than that, you can see that a lot of your discs were duplicates. Same amount of data, same amount of types and with an analysis, exactly the same items as well. This is impossible to happen without duping disc drives.

4 discs in the back of your ME System had these items, without a single difference.



Now lets give a closer look at your ME Terminal.

First of all, you had 960 Auto Heavy Sieves (1559), all of them had the same skin (Runew0lf). For this to happen you would need to place like 20k of those sieves, break them and get rid of all the sieves that didn't have this skin, considering that you didn't have any sieves with a different skin.

Other than that, you had

  • 200,106 Logic Processors
  • 67,588 Engineering Processors
  • 54,459 Shiny Metal Construction Blocks
  • 30,456 Calculation Processors
  • 26,019 Nether Star
  • 15,028 Tanks from OpenBlocks
  • 15,178 Epic Bacon
  • 7,183 Block of Iron, but Chiseled to Caution Stripes
  • 4,961 64k Storage Component
  • 121 Watering cans (filled, which can be done manually only)
  • 959 pulverizers and alloy smelters

I asked you how did you get the 64k components and you said you crafted them. I checked your crafting mechanism and it only had a few recipes, none related to Applied Energistics. I also consider impossible for you to craft all of them by hand. In fact the only crafting recipe you had was creating Lead Ingot, so none of the items you have were crafted. I don't have proof you said that you crafted them, but either way it doesn't matter since the next 2 facts are solid.

Now, about the items with metadata, you had 37 Draconic Armor sets which all had the same Charge amount


Last but not least, you had 44 Wireless terminals that were all linked to the same ME Security Terminal and had the same amount of power in them (1596151 AE). I think its obvious why this is 100% duping. I personally consider this fact enough proof for duping itself.


Another thing, you said that a friend of yours gave you 20 - 50 stacks of Awakened Draconium Blocks.

  1. 20 - 50 stacks are extremely inacurate amount, considering a completely empty inventory has 36 slots.
  2. It seems unlikely you turned all of these blocks back to ingots
  3. Even 20 stacks of awakened blocks are possible but really hard to gain

As far as i can tell, you were duplicating your drives, duplicating even useless stuff as well. The ban will stay

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