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[Inventory Rollback Request] FuturisticDruid


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Your Name: FuturisticDruid
Coordinates: -4217, -2844
Time/Timezone/Date: 10:30 pm EST
Description of Issue: Lost my armor and tools that i put in a chest in VoidSpeeds claim before the server crashed for about 5 minutes. location of chest is -4217, -2844

I had a full set of enchanted fire dragonsteel armor they all had protection X except for the helm had protection IX, an enchanted fire dragonsteel sword, enchanted mega loot bow that had the upgrade to shoot 5 arrows, enchanted indestructible mega loot Pickaxe, Indestructible mega loot axe, indestructible mega loot shovel, a tier 5 backback that had some stuff in it, googles of revealing, potion ring of regen 2, potion ring of learning, Mickerson inventory pet, 9 /Dev/nulls, Advanced storage remote (named FuturisticDruid's Remote)

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