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[Request Refund]numan208


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Your Name: numan208

Item Name + ID + Amount: Dragon Horn, #6913, 1. Had a female red dragon level 4 in it

Base coordinates: : X:2635, Z:-5073, Y:63

Description of Issue: After several server "restarts" or crashes within 20 or 30 min i put my my dragon into my dragon horn and after another restart at about 00:55 or something my dragon horn was empty again and the dragon is nowhere insight. I also flew around but could not find it. The dragon in question is a female lvl 4 red dragon. I don't really know if i should have made a [Request Refund] or if this is correct, if it isn't please tell me.

Edited by numan208
Changed to Refund Request template instead of Inventory Rollback
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