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  1. dragonblood2015


    make /rtp available for the overworld so people dont have to run for ever to find a good spot that is unlooted
  2. Make a kit for a golden shovel so you can claim an area in the overworld if you reach it
  3. the quest for the crafting table is not working bec you cant craft the crafting table and the other quest got removed after the update so you cant progress anymore in the Stoneblock quest tab and dont have a crafting table
  4. replace the Nick: when you make a nickname with something else like "~" then people stop calling someone with a nickname nick and in my oppinion it would look better. I've seen other server do it for example istead of "Nick: Dragon" "~Dragon"
  5. Your Name: Dragonblood2015Item Name + ID + Amount: Creative Storage Upgrade (7862)Coordinates: Description of Issue: i opened a Mythical Crate and got the Creative Storage Upgrade but the Creative Storage Upgrade got removed from my inventoryScreenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: Dragonblood2015Item Name + ID + Amount: Iron Backpack (+Upgrades) , (6492) , 2 Compression Upgrade, (6497/9) , 2 Mining Filter Upgrade, (6497/18) , 2 Coordinates: 5371, 72, 24319Description of Issue: my grave didnt spawn when i died on someone elses islandScreenshots (Optional):
  7. In game name: Dragonblood2015 Proof of Purchase: I got no email but i got screenshots ingame Description of Issue: I got only 2 Legendary Keys From 3 Crate Partys and im not the only oneTime/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 24.09.18Items/Rank Bought: 3 Crate Partys Screenshots (Optional):https://imgur.com/WBa1OW0 https://imgur.com/np4IsAC https://imgur.com/mEfQHBR https://imgur.com/QQB21nb Any other important information: I Purchased it with Paysafecard
  8. Account Name: Dragonblood2015Rank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: World Edit (//wand, //undo, //redo, //pos1, //pos2, //set, //replace, //walls, //copy, //cut, //rotate, //paste, //setbiome, /biomelist)Reason for Request*: That i can build my island easier (i know that WE can cause lags if i use it on large areas). And set the biome for my island bec everytime i use the /is menu and set a biome only the half of my island get set to that biome.
  9. Can you add 1% Seed Drop Chance that you sometimes get 2 seed not 1?
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